KITAZATO, the company leader in vitrification for human assisted reproduction announced the cooperation with NTERILIZER on its social media.

This is an important step toward the use of sterile liquid nitrogen in human assisted reproduction! - Said Lodovico Parmegiani, CEO of NTERILIZER.

This was the KITAZATO announce on web:

Today’s #Kitazato#IVFHero: Lodovico Parmegiani, universally known as “Lodo”, is the Lab Director at GynePro Medical Centers in Bologna. He has contributed to the scientific dissemination in the IVF sector organizing and chairing many congresses and conferences and editing international scientific journals. He also played an important role in the training side of science, sharing his skills and knowledge with other embryologists during hands-on workshops and training sessions, and in occasions, collaborating with us spreading the benefits of the Cryotop® Method and helping IVF professionals to reach the renowned results Kitazato offers. He is also the founder and CEO of Nterilizer SRL, an innovative start-up for research, development and manufacturing of sterile gases for healthcare and food production. We are happy to announce that Kitazato has joined Lodo in this project; from now on, we will cooperate with Nterilizer, with the aim of making Lodo’s vision and objectives come true.