The VU medical center in Amsterdam has replaced embryos infected with the bacteria in sixteen women Sphingomonas koreensis. This bacterium can cause meningitis. 15 infected embryos were frozen in the clinic cryobank. These samples are potentially contaminating the cryotanks. This disaster highlights the omnipresent risks of contamination in cryopreservation, that can be easily solved by Nterilizer technology by washings before embryo warming (Parmegiani et al Fertile Steril 2012)!

The infection was diagnosed in the laboratory of the IVF center of Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc. “A bacterium has ended up in a number of culture dishes. All IVF-related treatments are suspended for one to two weeks, until it is clear where the infection comes from,” said Amsterdam UMC.This concerns a total of 31 women whose embryos may have been in contact with this bacterium. The embryos were transferred in 16 women, 7 women from Amsterdam UMC and 9 women from regional hospitals. NH News brought the matter out earlier in the day.

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