NTERILIZER and KITAZATO togheter at 9.Baby Simposium from 12th to 14th of September 2019 in the fascinating Bologna-Italy, the home of NTERILIZER.

At KITAZATO booth the new vitrification box has been unveiled! The new box has the double logo NTERILIZER - KITAZATO to celebrate the partnership between the Japanese and the Italian company.

The vitrification box contains the NTERILIZER DISPOSABLE SLEEVE, to be used to sterilize liquid ntrogen for vitrification and warming procedures.

"Bologna is our home and is famous worldwide not only for hystory and tradition but also for knowlegde, technology, innovation, food and IVF. Probably these are the reasons why we were born here, and I think that our city is the best place for unveiling the first product arisen from our cooperation with the leaders in human reproductive cell cryopreservation, the Japanese company KITAZATO BIOPHARMA!" Dr. Parmegiani (NTERILIZER CEO and Key Opinion Leader in IVF) said.